Rubber buffing




Equipment for retreaders 



For the retreading industry, we have developed different recycling equipment that is powerfull and safe.  We have different blowers and filtration systems.  That equipement is exclusive to Lavokika.

If you are developing a recycling strategy, ask our specialists to guide you in this process.  That way, you will get equipment that really meets your needs.




[B l o w e r]


We have three different models of blowers for collecting rubber buffing.  The model required will depend of the distance between the exit of the production line and the number of tire buffers in the production plant. 



Stationary unit
Installed on a stand, behind a trailer
Used to collect rubber buffing directly for the production plant to the trailer without any human contact.


Models available

15 Hp / 20 Hp / 25 Hp 

[Filtration system]

[F i l t r a t i o n  S y s t e m]


A filtration system is used to evacuate the air out of the trailer. When the system blows the rubber, the extra air
must be evacuated in an ecological way.

Our filtration system allows the circulation of the air through the system before ejecting the excess air in the environment.

We also distribute the filters that are required for an effecient use of the filtration system.



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